I'm Take Any More Burdens

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    I Can't Take Any More Burdens

    I don't quite know where to start. All I know is that I am reaching the point of no return. I won't bore everyone with a long story, so I will try to sum it all up quickly. Over the past 15 years, I have lost both my parents, have been betrayed by many friends and family, have been screwed out of several jobs and the kicker is the constant, continual burden of an aging grandmother that can no longer care for herself. Since she went into assisted living a few months back with dementia, caring for her homes and all else have fallen on me. I get calls from people umpteen times a day to fix her problems. What they don't seem to realize is I have enough problems, responsibilities and issues of my own to resolve. Since my mom died about nine years ago, I have done everything for my grandmother. I never lived close to her, yet I visited her every holiday and time I had off from work, called her twice a week for eight years and looked after her when no one else did. I don't mean to sound selfish, but I have sacrificed and done enough for her, which has cost me personally and professionally. Now, it is starting to impact my health physically, mentally and emotionally. I fear if I do not get some help, my only options will be to abandon her or commit suicide. I, in no way, want to die, I am only looking for a way to ease what has become an albatross of a burden on me. Anyone have any suggestions? I welcome them and wish everyone the best of luck in dealing with their own personal struggles.
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    Let the people at the home take care of your grandmother explain to her that you are not well and need to get away for a bit. You are not abandoning her if she is being looked after in a home. Whatever care yu are doing for her assign it to someone else or get grandmother to pay someone to do it. You take care of your health that is the priority now
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    In the end we have too look out for ourselves. If we don't we will not be happy. You have other family who can take care of your grandma right? Let them take care of her.

    Sometimes being selfless will only bring misery.
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    Why don't you get her to sell the house.. It would take some stress off you..Cut down your visits to twice a week..You have a life too.. You don't deserve to be the only one careing for her..I wish you all the best..