I'm through.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by sn0dig, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. sn0dig

    sn0dig Active Member

    Good bye people of SF. You have been so kind to me.

    If i return i'm a complete fuckup and can't even do one thing right.

    Hopefully i'll not return.
  2. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    What's wrong? Please reconsider... has anything happened to make you feel so desperate you're considering taking your life? Please talk to us.. it might help :arms:
  3. sn0dig

    sn0dig Active Member

    Hah. Cutting always helps. :laugh:
  4. BeenThere

    BeenThere Guest

    Sno that aint funny.
  5. sn0dig

    sn0dig Active Member

    Too bad, i think it helps :)
  6. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    Are there any other, healthier, coping mechanisms that help?

    Such as talking? Going for a jog? Bath? Reading? Walking the dog? Going to the cinema?
  7. Jess

    Jess Guest

    Hey Sn0,

    I know you do'nt really know me but cutting isn't gonna help in the long run. It ends up making you feel worse unfortunately. I suggest finding a healthier coping mechanism like Jenny suggested. Jogging... any form of exercise really. I really hope you don't do anything bad to yourself :(

    Here if you wanna talk.. That's a good way to work through times like this too.. may not seem like it.. but it is.. Helped me several times.. maybe can help you too

    Sorry if I'm no help :hug: just want you safe like everyone else
  8. sn0dig

    sn0dig Active Member

    I've cut before and i know for a fact that it's great :)
  9. Jess

    Jess Guest

    It's not great. It causes so many more problems down the line. Scars, guilt... maybe you're not feeling badly about it now.. but it could and probably will happen. It's not safe besides. :hug: I don't want anything bad to happen. try some other coping mechanisms please? talk to us here? or do something else? just be safe
  10. sn0dig

    sn0dig Active Member

    I don't get scars thanks to my great skin.
  11. *shifty eyes*

    *shifty eyes* Active Member

    HA! Finally another one like me........though i cut like a surgeon will as well so no scars. Cept for 147 mosquito bite scars damn allergies. But don't do it. Please. I'm trying to quit badly, do it for the suffering one. Help me, quit, join me......be my buddy in this please.don't make me cry and cave in, im so close to the ledge already...
  12. sn0dig

    sn0dig Active Member

    Right, and I suppose that's why i went out without telling anyone and walked to the bridge i've planned to jump off?

    Because I wanted attention?

    I stood there for 10 minutes and just looked down.. Then I got so cold that I had to go back because i couldn't do it.

    Hope you burn in hell. <-- mods feel free to edit.
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  13. bombeni

    bombeni Guest

    It's not for us to judge. However we judge others in this life is the same measure we will one day be judged.

    Theodork you must be one very, very miserable person to post something so cruel at a suicide forum. This is supposed to be the one place people can vent their pain without criticism but you just blew that theory all to hell. For your information, this place saved my life. I was able to come here at the lowest point in my life and people listened to me without telling me "it's all in your head" or "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" etc. etc. I hope that if you are ever at such a low place in this crazy world that no one challenges you or makes a point to try to make you feel even worse. :huh:
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