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im tired of this crap

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I hate this shit! Not being able to get to sleep and always feeling worse the next day.... I just want this crap to stop... No matter what I do I can't sleep... Only one thing has worked so far and its me overdosing then passing out... But if I do that then I will be sick the next day.... I wish I could make my head shut up so I can go to sleep... I get frustrated when I can't get to sleep because i try so hard to make my mind shut up but it dosnt work... Then I will cut myself because I am so mad and need something to calm me down.... Yea that's how fucked up I am....
There my stupid rant is over... Sry for wasting your time and if I don't make sense


No, you're not wasting anyone's time. I haven't had such bad insomnia for a while but I can remember- it makes you feel you're going out of your mind.

Perhaps it's your medication side effect or? Have you seen your doctor about this?

It is very tiring and frustrating.

I'm going to have to agree with letdown:

You're not wasting anyone's time.

And you may wanna see your doctor about it.

I've had the same problem, before. It's awful. :hug: Hope you can get things worked out.


No i haven't seen a doc about this. And im not on any medication that will make it so i cant sleep.

My girlfriend takes Ambien CR to help her sleep, it requires a prescription though. Also, when I truly can't sleep, I take two Benadryl tablets. It is an antihistamine and it should induce sleep...if you take enough ( but not too much ! ) you will feel it hit you like a ton of bricks. Not only will you want to sleep, you will need to sleep. You can find Benadryl at almost any store and it's over-the-counter.

I hope you find relief soon.

PS, I live in Texas, too.


ehh i have tried benadryl... have OD on it so i pass out before :sad:
Damn. Well you probably need something that requires a doctor's prescription.
Maybe you can Google "sleep medications" or "insomnia" and see what information the www has to offer. With 6 billion on the planet there must be someone else out there who is experiencing the same thing.


Rozerem. I just saw a commercial about it. It's a sleep aid that's fairly new on the market. Hope that helps.
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