I'm tired of this.

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by dvnj22, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. dvnj22

    dvnj22 Well-Known Member

    I'm done I'm going to kill myself. I'm fucking tired of people telling you it's going to be better, shoving pills down your throat. Thank you for being nice to me, you can delete my account if you want, I won't need it.

  2. WildCherry

    WildCherry ADMIN

    We won't be deleting your account. Here if you feel like talking.
  3. windlepoons

    windlepoons Well-Known Member

    Can you talk about your thoughts? I know it will not magically become better but talking can help gain a new perspective on why you feel this way.
  4. dvnj22

    dvnj22 Well-Known Member

    I know why I feel this way. I'm tired of it. I thought I was doing better. I thought after my failed suicide attempt it was a sign to keep living, but it just mean I should try harder.
  5. Ocarina of Time

    Ocarina of Time Active Member

    Please don't do it. You'll hurt people who do care for you. It's true that people say things will get better and alot of the time they don't but think of it this way. Life is just a truly difficult game that people struggle with. And the only way to win is to force your victory. Don't let life pass you by, throw that asshole and the floor and win
  6. dvnj22

    dvnj22 Well-Known Member

    I won't do it. But I want something good in my life, I don't want to live just to live. Can I even have any happiness with bi polar?
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  7. Ocarina of Time

    Ocarina of Time Active Member

    Of course you can find happiness it's just that people find it in different ways... Sadly I only get mine through nostalgia. You must have something you love in this world right?
  8. dvnj22

    dvnj22 Well-Known Member

    You know when I was a teen, I completely lost it and hit my dog. This happened 3 more times. I feel so guilty. It was 4 years ago, but I can't stop thinking about it. I can't forgive myself.
  9. Ocarina of Time

    Ocarina of Time Active Member

    There's many ways to help with that kind of stuff. Keep in mind that it's not your fault. You can forgive yourself and I feel abit like a hypocrite for saying this but don't look back on the past. Remember the good times you had, remember that your dog loved you. They usually sense these kind of things.
  10. AscendingTri

    AscendingTri Member

    Take a deep breath and... Smile :) you are on your way to happiness. Because happiness is really estimated after hard times. Just give some time to yourself and, please, do not stuck at the accident with the dog. As Ocarina said, you dog really loved you.
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