I'm tired.

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    Not only I've been hating school even more than before (since I realized I don't have even half of the friends I thought I had), now my family is giving me a hard time too.
    I had an argument with my uncle in which he tried to humiliate me again. Didn't worked this time and we haven't talked to each other yet.
    My mother now started to imply with me on everything. School, friends, my will, literaly everything. And she isn't careful with words. Today because I said I'll let my beard grow again she said that I'll be in good style for a asylum. She doesn't even try to don't hurt me, just do it.
    I'm really thinking about giving up on everything. Leave school and my home, even if it'll be living on the streets until I die of starvation. This, or starting to use drugs. Heroin for example.
  2. Sadeyes

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    Words can be so painful, especially when the intent is either someone's carelessness or ill will...but know, that is the other person's problem...I know if feels awful, especially when we are looking for someone to care...I think you are very brave to live through this sober; and clearly, you are the more evolved one in all of this...and also glad you set limits with your uncle...I still have problems (in all of my years) understanding what possesses someone to have to humiliate another...what a tragic way to live.
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    Don't harm you hun ok you have been harmed enough hun be kind to you hugs
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    We're hear for you with lots of hugs. Hang in there!