I'm Tired

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Solitarius, Feb 25, 2014.

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  1. Solitarius

    Solitarius New Member

    I'm tired and I just don't see a future at all. I've tried to be optimistic for so long and every time just when things are going alright something happens and I feel like I'm right back where I started. This is all so pointless.
  2. ayumi

    ayumi New Member

    It's absolutely alright to feel that way but when you do, take a break; look outside your window, watch your favourite movie, treat yourself to your favourite food. Don't think about all the things that are going wrong and just allow yourself to savour the moment, you know? Taking naps really helps too, they definitely refresh you. Maybe when you feel more rejuvenated, try tackling the problems in your life rationally :3.
  3. unionfalls

    unionfalls Well-Known Member

    Solitarius, I know how that feels and it sucks. I do that as well. Things get going well and than something drastically changes. Please know that there are people here that feel the same way. Please keep posting and reaching out here, everyone is very understanding and supportive. I wish you were not going through what you are, but continue to reach out here and you will find some comfort and support. Wishing you better days.
  4. mark b

    mark b Well-Known Member

    Tired. I understand totally. I used to say that i was always happy to go to bed at the end of the day completly exhasted, as long as i knew i had tried to achieve something.

    Years ago when things went wrong and as far as i was concerned, in a bottomless pit. Tired was an understatement with all the effort to climb out. But eventually i did.

    So here i am now. Lost everything. But in limbo, as i struggle with whats going on. Im tired again. But i also know i can do it again. Harder this time. But i will. However tired i become.
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