I'm tired

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  1. Jasv

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    I can't believe how annoying I am. Stupid. Pathetic. Piece of crap. I bet everyone hates me, well good, because I hate all of them too. My medicine isn't working. I'm dirt broke. Classes are too expensive and I don't even want to go anyways!

    I'm tired, so utterly tired.
    Tired of breathing.
    Tired of feeling.
    Tired of being angry.
    Tired of feeling sad.
    I'm so sick and tired of being me.

    Even when I'm not depressed I can't help hating the person in the mirror.

    I'm tired of waking up to go to work.
    I'm tired of getting out of bed.
    I'm tired of my life.


    I'm such a punk. I can't even believe how pathetic I am. I'm annoyed with myself.
    I'm still freaking here!

    I just want to go to sleep. I'm tired.
    I just want to sleep forever.
  2. total eclipse

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    I hear you been there where you are sometimes still am I care ok and i am sorry you are in such a dark place right now You are not a punk or pathetic you have an illness called depression and i hope you can get your doctor to get you on medication that does work for you
  3. normaljoe

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    that is my go to response when people ask me what is wrong, I just say, I'm tired. I think I have actually convinced myself that I am constantly tired. Becuase well...I am constantly tired. it feels like no one can understand the depths to which you infer when you use the word "tired". it is so very difficult to try to convey this to people and then expect them to understand that there is a physical correlation with depression. I understand being "tired". I really do. I know what its like to sleep through 26 straight hours because you just don't want to be awake, finding solace in sleep. its not worth it though. you end up missing so much. you can never get that time back. my best advice would be to get on a regular sleep schedule if possible, everyday, weekends too. I know it is easier said than done but it will help and secondly, don't nap. apathy/sleeping as a means of escape can be a very dangerous thing to embrace.
  4. Unknown_111

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    Hi Jasv,

    i understand and that you are a very low point in your life. You have hit rock bottom but YOU ARE IMPORTANT. I know are hurting but we here understand what you going through everyday. I can relate with you in many ways as I felt like that last year. I hit rock bottom but I battled for the past twenty-two months to overcome such feelings. There is always a solution to what you are feeling everyday moment in your life.

    Have you considered medication or group therapy? It does help as well as posting here. Please do not think you are alone in life but all of us who use this site understand and we can help to a certain in providing support and care. You need to find your own inner peace but please seek help for what you are currently experiencing. We all here do care and really feel your pain. Be strong and just try to deal with life on a day by day basis.