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i'm tired...

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i'm tired of crying.
i'm tired of yelling.
i'm tired of being sad.
i'm tired of pretending.
i'm tired of being alone.
i'm tired of being angry.
i'm tired of feeling crazy.
i'm tired of feeling stuck.
i'm tired of needing help.
i'm tired of remembering.
i'm tired of missing things.
i'm tired of being different.
i'm tired of missing people.
i'm tired of feeling worthless.
i'm tired if feeling empty inside.
i'm tired of not being able to just let go.
i'm tired of wishing i could start all over.
i'm tired of dreaming of a life i will never have.
but most of all...
i'm just tired of being tired.

i've been dead for awhile, i just haven't died yet...

total eclipse

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Hugs to you hun i know that feeling i hope with some care and rest you will have some energy to face the next day One day at a time hun. hugs
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