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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Qwerty123456, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. Qwerty123456

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    I'm tired of this pain that would never go away. My boyfriend of 5years broke up with me a month ago. He was the man of my life, we had hopes and dreams of getting married and set up a family together. Now that he's gone, suddenly my world seemed like a black hole, i'm sucked into the never ending black pit. I have got no
    Energy to focus on anything else, my appetite suffered, all i wanted to do was to have more courage to take off from the 16th floor of the building. When he broke up with me, i tried to seek help from
    His family. Being all emotionally weak, his family thinks i'm a wreck and he would be better off getting rid of me for good. Holy fk, what was a 5yr relationship with their son/brother all about? How could anyone be so mean. His sister even posted on fb, telling me to stop being emotional and dramatic. What? So i should keep
    Calm and move on after losing the most precious thing in my life? My friends could no longer tolerate me talking to them. They either stop replying when i get emotional, or tell me to stop being emotional. I can't even help myself now. All i wanted to do is to end my life right now. I feel like an extra junk in this living world. I'm just a burden, worthless piece of shit meant to be fucked and dumped. I deserve all these pains. Although i dont know what wrong have i done, but i most probably deserve it. Its a pain to live on.
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    You have a right to grieve hun you lost a dream your love you hun have a right to your emotions I hope you can talk to a therapist hun to help you to now move forward small steps at a time one day at a time move on and make a new life a new dream for you
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