im too full of anxiety to pick up a woman

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    i cant help but think that i should hit the fast forward button and die because how can someone with depression lonliness pick up a woman ? they say im gentle which i am but only to start with once i felt comfortable with a woman i would not have anything holding me back tough life and depression have driven me away from old active friends into isolation i have a couple of friends and thats it and mostly always been single ..but a lot of woman like me to look at but im scared to get into something because i feel this empty hole inside me that i dont want to show to a woman as ive done that before and made a fool out of myself and it hurt..i have barbies trying to pick me up on the net but because i have few friends and am a self medicator and low self esteem i just dont want to get hurt i look for the woman that feel like they need saving like me...but they are nowhere to be found.. im a manly type of guy but my personality has become weak ..unless im medicated that is ..what are you suposed to do.. if the doctor would prescibe me some dexedrine maybe i could get out and make a social life and become a sexual human being but hey they never want to give you what works ..i cant even run my business properly and keep missing calls for work cause i cant get out of bed..and what pisses me off the most is when family judge you without understanding the way you feel ..lifes a bitch..
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    :hug: Have you tried any therapy or counseling to help you talk through what's wrong?