I'm too low.

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    Mom and fucking dad! I'm not getting married! I'm not good enough! I'm a lower human! I don't drive a lexis, I'm not that good-looking, my personality is nothing to brag about. Girls want 10's, and I'm a -2. The deep dark truth is, no one cares, and no one will ever care. Sure, give me that "we're all here for a reason" bullshit... No, I'm not here for a reason, my parents just fucked one day and out came me. Thanks mom, you ruined my suicide and showed me that life is much more fucking stupid than I really thought it was. When I die, I better not remember who I am. Thank god for mortality.
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    There are people who don't judge you by your car or your money. There are people who don't judge you at all. Real people. Just look for them. And while you're looking, ignore those who do judge you. Their opinions are not worth noting.
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    Well, yes. The only way I'm gonna find that is if I move out of this stereotype city, and move far far away from my parents. There's a lot of things I need to run away from here. That is, neither of these things will happen for me if I make a second suicide attempt.
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    Ending your life is useless in fixing the situation, sure your miserable now, sure you may never have been happy. But regardless, life is a series of ups and downs, and if you just give out now, you have no idea what good could have come, why not move away? Find the people who make it all worthwhile.
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    I have no money to move. I'm not really worried about what good could have come. I lost all the energy for patience. If I don't kill myself eventually, a day will come where I lash out. I have been so close to bringing a knife to school, you just have no clue.

    The world is stupid, humans being are the dumbest piece of existence to ever exist. Yes, it's true. No argument. Humans are the only beings to kill for absolutely no reason. It seems that in my 18 years of living, I was always, always, always, always out shun some better force. Whether it was humor, looks, it doesn't matter. Even when I was young, I would just wait for death, thinking there'd be a heaven. Now looking back on that... Yeah...

    Yeah, you can give me a lecture about "confidence" all you want. I'll never be confident because I don't like anything about myself. Everything in this world revolves around celebrities and stupid shit. My father told me that the Earth would have a huge hole in it if I left... Really? Because personally I thought the Earth's progress would speed up. I serve no purpose here, and I will always believe that despite what anyone says. Everything in life has to be a stupid ass game, and I want out. On top of that, I want to be cremated and scattered in the ocean. I want my body to be erased off this planet.

    Why do my parents tell I will get married all the time? Thanks for the support, but you're wrong. Sorry. I get to live in a world where girls don't even see me. I see these cocky preps hit on girls by hardly doing anything but... Nothing. Although, if I give a girl a friendly touch on the arm (even if I've always known her) and she gets pissed, kicks the shit out of my legs, then says, "I'll charge you sexual harassment!" This is what my world revolves around.

    The world was busy, and I was left in the waiting room.
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