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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by shadow2121, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. shadow2121

    shadow2121 New Member

    I don't want to seem like im dumping my shit on everyone else but I honestly think that I'm getting overwhelmed. I have so much shit going on between my cutting and my cheating gf. Its actually really sad when I actually want to stay with a cheating gf because she is really the only friend I have. She's obviously not a real friend or else she wouldn't hurt me but my other "friends" almost literally run if I even mention the word suicide. I really don't want to kill myself, but it seems like all my options are getting cut away and I'm only left with one.
  2. Polar

    Polar Account Closed

    Hey Shadow2121,

    Welcome to the forum! If you give it a go I'm sure you'll find many friends here who are very caring and supportive! I know I have. :smile:

    I'm sorry to hear about what's been happening with your cheating ex-girlfriend. That must be really hard to go through.

    I also know what it is like to have friends abandon you. Due to my suicidal tendencies, I have lost so many friends but I look at it this way too, I have gained so many more and your true friends will never leave you. That's what I've learned. However, I found also talking openly to my friends who were put off by my suicide tendencies also helped as it made them understand me better.

    You also present me with an image of someone who must have some love for life. You saying you don't want to kill yourself proves this. Maybe find someone you can confide in like a therapist or family member and let them know what's happening. That can often be very helpful.

    Hold on because you never know what's going to happen next. The best times in your life are probably right ahead.

    Take care.

    Kind regards,

  3. mandyj101

    mandyj101 Well-Known Member

    hi there .. welcome 2 the forum..
    sounds like u have alot going on..
    sorry ur gf isnt supporting u right now.. like u said she probably isnt a true friend if she keeps on hurting u.. have u tried making some new friends? iv met some nice ppl on this forum..
    noone here will 'run away' if u talk about things that are bothering u .. i find it helps 2 get things out rather than bottling them up inside..
    hope u stay around .. and things improve 4 u :hug:

  4. April

    April Member

    First of all, this is a suicide forum, there is no such thing as applogising for dumping shit on people, thats what we are here for.

    I was once told by someone that the job of a partner is to be you No.1 fan while you are together. your girlfriend obviously isnt doing that by spreading herself like her legs. This doesnt reflect on you but you have a duty to yourself to look after your well being, and if losing her is the way to go or working things out, then thats what you've got to do. Its entirely your call but make sure you have at least one other person to talk to before anything happens.

    Like others have said, you need someone to sit face to face with and discuss your feelings (girly, I know). You might be able to talk to your GP to send you to someone who can meet you regularly to talk to. If you can talk to your family then it might be the easier option (then you dont have to explain any family situations to them). try talking to a sibling or close cousin if you are worried about how your parents will react. You have to remember that if people freak out, its not because they dont care, its because they dont properly understand or know what to do. The reason we can talk about this stuff is because we have all been affected by suicide.

    Stay strong until you can get help to lighten your load. If that means you need to dump a little here, then you are more than welcome to.
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