I'm trying to understand... I really am

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    I'm the most understanding person in the world... like the things me and my girlfriend have been through i have never judged or pressurised her into talking but i'm finding it harder and harder to respect how hard it is for her to talk sometimes, like when she's been cutting or ODing i have never freaked on her, never shouted or judged and even when she says she can't talk about it i've just been there to help however she needs me to whenever she is ready...
    But now... now I feel she has gradually been taking my understanding for granted, i respect it is hard, i really really do... but i'm her girlfriend and i'm finding it harder and harder to understand the fact she cant tell me something :(
    especially now i know its something I completely don't have a clue about... i'm both worried and disappointed and don't know what to do :(
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    i know how hard it can be to say anything about how i'm feeling to others - doesn't matter if they are close or not - i don't even know why most of the time

    being patient in these circumstances is incredibly difficult but she may not be shutting you out by deliberate choice

    can she talk to you about other things?

    try explaining how her silence makes you feel when you just want to understand what she's going through - but don't put anything in the terms of an ultimatum - that won't work out well for either of you

    i'm guessing you have already talked about this site - this is the one place where i feel that i can talk about my issues and sometimes that's enough

    wish you both the best