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I'm weak and it hurts so bad

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I am a male...but I don't feel like I'm a man. I already made a thread about this, so I don't want to start over explaining it again, but I got rejected by this girl I liked two years ago, and it still hurts. I wasn't man enough...I was weak. I was supposed to understand how she felt, but she scoffed at the notion that my feelings could be hurt. I didn't fit the idea of what she felt a man was and maybe I deserved her hurtful words and actions.

I wasn't man enough to go through with killing myself...I didn't do it for attention or to make her feel bad--I just wanted the pain to stop. Rejection was hurtful enough but to have my manhood demeaned was almost dehumanizing. i'm sorry if that sounds melodramatic, but I don't how else to describe the pain I feel.


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Society by large has gender expectations. People think we must act a certain way due to how we're born. People think that, as men, you and I must not let our feelings get hurt under no circumstances. We must be stoic or at least uncaring towards insults.

That's bullshit. Men can have emotions, it's okay for us to get sad or upset about something. That's the truth.


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I don't know how many times that I am too nice..Then the break up..Why do women like like the bad guys so much?? The other thing I always heard was you work too much..Someone has to bring home the bacon..I guess nice guys do come in last..
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