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    Take a deep breath.

    Slowly let it out. Keep going. Keep going until you can't push out any more air.

    Feel that in your chest? Your heart, collapsing on itself?

    That's the pain I feel. Always. It wont go away.

    Now, imagine.

    Imagine you can't take a breath. You can do the motion, but you never feel the rushing relief of oxygen opening up your lungs. Can't feel it barely cool the inside of your mouth, making a whistling noise as it should go.

    You slouch; your body's reaction to the pain. Your eyes, awake, yet tired. Exhausted. The sadness they have seen is taking a toll on their will to stay open.

    Give in to them.

    Escape to your bed. The place where you once soundly slept in the innocent years of childhood.

    Take the pills. Doze off. It will all be over soon.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.