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impossible situation

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by neilH, Nov 4, 2013.

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  1. neilH

    neilH New Member

    Hi Everyone.
    Without going into too much detail i find myself in an impossible position. no work, no home (soon), no car, no licence, debt, bailiffs and a broken relationship. Im normally a fighter and ive been in similar positions before but a long time ago.
    Im too old for this and sometimes just dont see the point. I have no real control over anything and if you ask me a question, the answer is "i dont know"
    Sometimes i just feel like dying would be an end to the pain, which is constant. I dont blame myself entirely for the position im in. Its just a series of bad choices over a five year period but i hav eto take some responsibility, however, i have had a lot of help to get here.
    Not sure what im sying but i do keep hearing myself say " whats the point, the mountain is just too high"
  2. Freya

    Freya Loves SF Staff Member ADMIN SF Author

    Hi Neil

    Sorry that you have found yourself in this situation. it sounds like a huge mountain to climb but if you deal with things in pieces they become far more manageable.

    In the first instance - your debts: Write to the companies/places you owe money to. Put in writing that you have only benefits as income at the moment, and that you cannot afford to pay. Request that they freeze the interest on your debts and offer each £1 per month in payment. Send a breakdown of your incomings and outgoings to demonstrate your inability to pay. If you go here and download their packs, it talks you through it all. If you inform them in writing that you are seeking debt advice, they cannot contact you for three months. If you make an offer of payment of any kind, they have two options: a) Accept it b) Take you to court. They will not take you to court. If they take you to court and it is clear you cannot pay, they have all the court costs and probably have to cancel your debt.

    Talk to citizens advice. In some instances you can genuinely your debt simply written off (without declaring bankruptcy) - sure it will affect your credit but I would guess that is already damaged anyway.

    Citizens advice can also help you with the housing situation - obviously you are entitled, if unemployed, to some housing benefit. If you are under 35 you are entitled to rent a room in a house, over 35 and it is a one bedroomed flat. There is temporary accommodation in every town. You do not need to be homeless.

    I understand you feel like you cannot do this alone - that it feels impossible. It isn't impossible and there is help out there. Make an appointment at your citizens advice centre and let them help you.

    Good luck!
  3. neilH

    neilH New Member

    Im already a bit further down the road with the debt thing as im planning to go bankrupt as soon as i can muster the money to pay for it ( theres something not right in this system). You are right of course. Break it intomlumps. my problem is i cant get the lumps small enough to deal with. Some of the time i know what ive got to do, then something happens to stop me. Its a crazy world I live in x
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