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In a Funk!!!

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I am so depressed and I hate myself for feeling like this. I have struggled with depression for 23 years and it is so draining when i am in my funk! I feel like I want to die and I can't see my future. I hate this - I feel like the only way to make it end is to end it all! I try to talk myself up and what I have going but it is impossible sometimes.

total eclipse

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Hi hun i know it is hard when one is down so low I do hope you continue reaching out here. It is easier to fight the battle when you are not doing it alone hugs to you:hugtackles:


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Hi there, Turtle Sue! Suicidal thoughts... depression.. lots here can really relate to what you are going through. Do you wish for ones that care for you to know about how you are feeling? It sounds to me like you could really use some outside support (outside of the forums here). And, like TE said, reaching out here is something I look forward to seeing you continue to do.
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