In a momnet of Darkness

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    You are fighting to survive why? You feel like you are drowning. There isn't anyone who could possibly understand what you are feeling because YOU don't understand it yourself. Your moods go from sad to sucidal in a blink. You are afraid. Afraid of life,death,yourself. You stand alone amongst many there words fail to comfort.You try to comfort them you feel there pain hurt confusion but words fail you.You and you alone have to survive no one else can do that for you.In the darkness of the moment you pray you fight you let go you grab on never sure when in that split second of despare you may make that fatal choice or live another day.............
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    That was written from the heart See and i think a very good description of how many of us feel it is that split second decision we live in fear of but we have friends here and must call upon them at those dark and very bleak times TC hun :hug: