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In and Out of Reality Worse Then B4! (may trig.)

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ok..to brief this..I'm living with my aunt, her bf, and 1 of his sons....im invisible to every1..have been for the past 3 weeks....all i do is not acknowledged and when i am..im yelled at...i stayed up for a little over 24/hrs last night bc of shit....i stayed outside from 9pm - 2:30am this morning!!! im watching the self harm vids online again...i need to cut but havent....but i feel it coming on...i aint getting better...all i am is worse and worse....im never gonna change...idk what to do....im not gonna go back to th hospital..hell no! but im losing it!!!! i was ligit out of reality 100% for 3-5 days straight last week!!! and i feel it coming again....i think...idk what i think! >.<

SOME1 HELP ME PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i never ask for help....

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Hi hun i am sorry you are feeling so unwanted confuse lost Please don't harm your self okay Try to talk to someone anyone so you can get some stablility back before it goes to far. Talk to your doctor see if a different medication may help you talk to anyone you trust okay because talking about things does help hun Hospital stay will only happen if you say you are going to committ suicide just tell them how unhappy you are and how unstable you are so you can get the right treatment hugs
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