In Death's Embrace

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    In Deaths' Embrace by Lee
    July 8 2006

    I. Denial

    He lays in the same bed, painting a
    Mona Lisa portrait on his face;
    catatonic to the world in a snowglobe
    except the little snowflakes are mimicked
    as numbers counting down.

    To live another day, is equal to watching
    a soap opera, "As the World Turns", without
    the cacophony of rich blonde housewives
    ogling over the latest Cosmopolitan, steroid
    induced man with the inflated ego.

    To live another minute in a seamless shell
    from the outside; rusted clockwork on the other,
    in a broken relationship that cannot be fixed,
    nor taken apart without risks, though at this point,
    a risk is better than doing nothing.

    II. Tears of Avalon Cry

    His beloved of five years enters the placid
    room that has become his home; the flowers
    from last time wilts near the windowsill, as she
    replaces the stems with fresh ones; while beaming
    him with smiles so bright, the end could be coming.

    Every night she visits his bedside, and hold his hand,
    while she reads Canterbury Tales or Arthurian legends,
    both to him invoke a calming nascent scene in his head
    as the medication swirls in his eyes; and the delusions
    joust each other just for mere survival.

    When he feels the effects of the Sandman in his veins,
    driving towards the realm of dreams and visions of Avalon
    from the stories; she'll kiss his lips, and smooth the hair
    on his head, whispering love anecdotes mixed with
    a prayer to any deity presently listening.

    III. The Final Page

    The family gathers with the chaplain,
    oblivious to the five o'clock shadow
    hovering over him, ready to nail the stake
    and take him from this paradise
    into the deep abyss of death.

    Dying, just another event similar to a
    birthday or a celebration as it looked
    from his eyes; his wife and their families
    look dismal as the chaplain reads the verses
    that'll carry him to the afterlife.

    He'll no longer hear the constant beeps from
    the heart monitor, nor his wife's voice, as he takes
    her hand, watching the sunset out the fifth floor window
    retract behind his eyelids for one final moment,
    as he passed her by, towards the coming night sky.

    "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son,
    that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life."

    ©2006 Lee T.
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    I too feel like I'm living life on the outside.
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