in DESPERATE need of help! :-(

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    move if in wrong place

    short story is me and my g/f are on a trial seperation for 2 weeks and tbh im not doin very well, its only been a day and im feeling like im goin back to my old ways, i really wanna cut, i havn't cut in 2 years , im shaking most of the time and just wanna burst out crying. i really hate wat shes become, i havn't seen her in over a year and i saw sum pictures of her last nite and i was deeply shocked wat shes become, i dont think we'll get back together after this trial, and i dont think i cud cope :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

    i REALLY wanna change so i can accept wat shes become , and my GOD ive tried SOOOOOOOO much to change but i just cant. its my fault this relationship is gonna fail.

    im also tempted to goto a friends house today and smoke sum weed, aint done that in 2 years but i cant stand this hell im feeling,
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    Hey take good care of yourself - try not to do anything which will actually hurt you (like cutting or smoking weed). Maybe it is just not meant to be as a relationship. And maybe that's for the best, even though it may be hard.

    You should only change what will benefit you - you shouldn't and cannot change who you are. The only person you should change for is yourself.

    Try putting yourself first for a while and be kind to yourself.

    Col x
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    ur rite, i just cant bare thinkin about leavin her tho :sad: this is only a trial and im feeling LOW, :sad:
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    Im sorry :( I don't want to have to make you change and I don't want you to change. I'm sorry you don't like what I am now. I didn't think I was any different, just more confident I guess.
    Please, in front of everyone, I am really asking you not to do anything, I would feel so guilty if you did :( I promise you its only for two weeks and we will see what happens, don't say we definately won't get back together cos we might do. Just please hold on for two weeks.
    You know I'm always here for you.
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    i feel your pain.
    i was left awhile ago,and all i could think about was cutting, or doing drugs.
    surprisely i didnt.
    and, i know you can be strong and not give in. its very difficult i know, but do other things to try to take your mind off it. thats what i did,or i talked to people about it. i called, texted, read a book, watched a good movie that i love. anything that would at least take my mind off everything, and even if its only for 5mintues...its 5mintues that your mind isnt asking it self, WHAT SHOULD I DO? and then you panick.

    its best if you keep yourself pre-occupied as much as you can. please try to stay safe,i would hate for something bad to happen<333

    if you ever need someone to talk to about whatever, PM me anytime. :]
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    I know how you feel and imo trial separations are never really a good idea. But thats what you must do is just keep busy hang out with friends and dude there is nothing wrong with smoking some bud every now and then as long as you control it. But just be warned after the high has worn off the depression is just gonna hit you twice as hard. Trust me my gf went on so many breaks and they did nothing imo when there is a problem that is causing you to be this way to each other then all you can really do is talk it out instead of running away from the problem.

    If things don't work out just remember that there are other girls out there if she is trying to move on do the same I know it will be hard but just keep strong. Good luck hope it all works out.
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