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    I am really amazed by the fact that after seeing two different Psychologist and a treatment at a mental hospital while being tried on numerous medications and none of them prescribed the right meds for me. Now after going and looking up some medication that I thought would work for me, I found Paxil. Been on for 8 days now and am noticing a big difference in my mood and overall mental state. I guess what I am trying to say is that all these professionals that treated me, basically just had no clue what they were doing. I mean what is the point in going and seeing all these doctors and none of them know really what is wrong with a person. Are they really professionals? Or is it just all a bunch of bullshit they are feeding us?

    Anyone that can tell me that I am wrong, please reply.
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    With medication it is all trial and error they keep trying the meds until they find the right one that fits you so they probably did not have enough time to get to the paxil but i am glad you advocated for yourself and are now on a medication that works for you way to go hugs