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In hell

Tina Kelly

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Everyday is the worst day of my life. I can't get a job. My brain hurts. I can't sleep. I can't entertain myself. My boyfriend is going out of town for the weekend and I can't be alone


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Hey @Tina Kelly If you feel you may be in danger please reach out. Either phone a hotline or phone a family member or friend or come here and chat. You'll always have a place here to share your thoughts and feelings. We're here for you. And we're glad to have you here.
Would phone contact or contact via something like skype help? You may be able to arrange to have a certain amount of electronic contact with him over the weekend.

If you're in the US or Canada, you might want to try calling 211. There may be some form of outpatient or drop-in mental health services that you could access. I don't know if there necessarily would be services available, but it might be worth a try.

Do you have any friends or relatives that you could have contact with?


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Hey, welcome to the forum.

I'm sorry you are hurting so much but I'm glad you joined us here.

Maybe writing in the diary section on here could help you let it all out?

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