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    Hello to all those who remember me, i moved away to uni to try and fix things, anyway anxiety and such is starting to creep up on me sometimes, but i am ok for now i think, we'll see. Anyway there is this minor issue right now which is effecting my mental state....

    There's this girl in my friendship group who i like. So after about 2/3 weeks of knowing her i told her, she had just became official with someone else, this other person is in her home town. She said she was ok with me liking her, but said she would never ever go out with me in the politest way possible. She wanted to stay friends and as the weeks went on we ended getting closer as friends, now she is my best friend here at uni and i'm one of hers, probably not the best though, we've been places together, a lone, when everyone goes to bed sometimes we stay and talk. There's a sort of i need her she needs me whilst living here friends thing going on as well.

    I know her more i want her more, its now becoming painful, and obviously being a student i have too much time on my hands to think so it hurts.

    How can i move on? I cant let go, its becoming torture. I dont really know what move to make, its not like i can just ignore her and never see her. Just take the pain for the sake of the friendship she wants? Thats tough for someone who often falls into depression. I dont know what to do.

    I know she doesnt want me, sort of, well i know she definatly wants the person she is with, probably the fact they dont see each other much brings them closer together, she's going home tomorrow just to surprise him, i think she is friendly with me out of pity as she knows things about my past, woops. But we enjoy each others company, sort of, i'm not her type though because i've achieved nothing and i'm not religious like her. Her bf is so much better than me in so many ways. I'm just that nice guy she wants to be happy.

    Dont know what to do, anyway i have decided to go out with other friends off my course for the first time just to get away from her in a way for now, she goes home tomorrow comes back saturday, but i go home on friday come back sunday, her bf comes up on monday so wont see her then either.