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    I have to take this time to say that i have lost my Uncle Austin..

    I will miss him so much..

    Austin , you were the best Uncle i could have ever had..

    I will always remember the times we shared, the laughter we shared , i will always remember the times i would sit while you played the guitar and the times i would even sing along as you played.

    I will always remember the saying that stuck with you.. you would always joke around about Earnest Tubb and would always say * Todays Friday * even if it was monday you would still say todays friday..

    I prayered for you all day yesterday and all night last night but you were taken from me because it was time for you to go.. I wish i could post your photo here but i can at least remember you by the many memories we shared.

    I did get to see you a few months ago and did get to spend that 2 days by your bedside and that is something i will cherish as long as i live.. I am glad that we became as close as we did in that short time and i am really glad that you were able to be saved and get to be with the Lord.. I know that Jesus has carried you home just like he will do me soon..

    I will be joining you soon Austin.. this sunday i am coming to where you are.. love you..

    Austin Lee Sisco
    07-10-1938 to 08/09/2007

    Rest in Peace my dearly beloved Uncle
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    i am sorry that you lost your uncle.Please try to keep fighting.