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In memory of Baby Patricia


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In memory of Baby Patricia
My sister Patricia died in on the 22nd September in 1976, she was about four and a half months old. Noone in my family will talk about her, noone. As the years go on, the pain of this only increases for me. I know so little about her. She had Cystic Fibrosis and was very very sick. I was told (by my uncle, who saw her) that she had blonde curls and green eyes. Her having green eyes kills me every time I think about this. I am the only one in my family with green eyes (my parents and brother have blue eyes) so to know there was actually someone else in my family like me...

She would have been 35 this year if she had lived. My mother cant talk about her at all. There are no photos of her either (I have asked), so I have no picture of her in my head. I wish I had known her. I would have been only 5 when she was born and I have no memory of her at all, my uncle told me that she was so sick that she was in hospital almost from the time she was born until she died. Its the image of her with blonde curls and green eyes that kills me every time.

I cant even say to my mother, I am so sorry, Mum, she cant bear any mention of Patricia. Its ok, but I think as time goes on, i think I need to talk about her now to someone.
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I am also sorry for your loss...is there any group you can join to talk about how you are feeling as it seems your family is not receptive to talk about this?


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Im sorry for your loss, I bet it hurts not to have someone to talk about your sister, but you should not give up! Try more with your mother, maybe she needs someone to talk to just like you do!


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Im so sorry for your loss. Have you tried prayer? You can talk to almighty god. Are you a bible reader? At Psalms 55:22 it says" Throw your burden upon god and he himself will sustain you" You can throw your burden upon god by praying to him about whatever may be going on in your life. I hope this comforts you!
I am so sorry for your loss. Patricia would have been just a few months younger than me. I can relate to the longing for anything to hold on to. I had a brother who was given up for adoption at birth. Although I was reunited with him, he was killed shortly after. I am thankful for the little bit we had, but desperately want so much more. I shouldn't have touched him for the first time in his coffin. I am very close with his wife now. She said he used to talk about how he and I were so much alike...I think it makes the loss even greater in a way. Have you thought about grief counseling or a support group? Knowing you're not alone can be so helpful.

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