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in my head

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Hi starryeyed,

I like your name and your avatar :)

Why would you listen to someone who was so mean to you??

I’m sorry you are not feeling well. Whatever it is, it will pass…

Here is a song “Starry Starry Night” - hope you like it:


Here is another video clip about Nick…He had much less to work with towards life - He has no arms, no legs…and he says: “I Love Living Life…” There is a little bit about his childhood, too. He felt life was pointless at one point, too. Please have a look and see for yourself:



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I'm not surprised you cannot get it out of your mind - what a nasty nasty thing to say!

Moreover, if he actually raped you - and is now piling on the pressure for you to kill yourself - I think you should report him to the police and maybe his bravado will plummet as the testosterone rises up in jail and his 'bravery' is shown for the fraud it is. He'd be crying like a 5 yr old in jail. Deservedly so!

But - as ever with rape - far be it from me to tell you how to deal with it. I only comment because I know women who have been raped and abused - I know the ways it can be taken - and that the vast majority of women do not report it. This is a shame really - because we've seen the police response to rape (in the UK) improve a hundred fold from what it used to be. But, many women are sadly isolated and very reluctant to speak about the rape to someone who cares - family and so on.

Even though the offence may have been committed a while back - you can still go forward to the police. You may have suffered from post traumatic stress disorder due to the rape - and the worse aspect is that depression (which will follow any rape) will bring feelings of self blame to the victim and the horrible burden of perhaps being cold towards all men after such an ordeal. After all, this rapist was obviously 'nice' when you first met - doubtless it taints your view of other men. Even so, I hope and pray you do find a nice man. It is unfair that you should lead a loveless life - be deprived of the joys of love.

Anyhow, re some practical advice - if any of my female relatives were threatened in a sexually predatory manner - I'd wire them for sound. Seriously.

But if they had been raped - I'd have a practical solution that would likely see me going on a 5 year holiday if you know what I'm insinuating. Then again, that would make me a criminal also, but then again, the law being what it is I would not venture to put too much trust into the law bringing justice.

Have you no brothers starryeyed?

Have you ever spoke of this horrible thing to any other living soul?

My heart goes out to you and all other rape victims.

Just don't EVER blame yourself for this.

I hope you find the courage to go to the police - they are not phased by people wanting to report crimes way after the offence was committed. Especially rape - because its a crime that many women often try to cover up for a myriad of reasons. If you said no at the time of the rape - that still stands, 1 week later, 1 month later, 1 year later or ten years later.

So that boasting nasty piece of smug self righteous trash - may well have talked himself into jail.

I actually think if you took 100 rapists and 100 murderers that you would find many murderers who regretted doing the act. Rapists just regret getting caught and all 100 rapists are nasty people - not men really - because they sully the good name of men and darken each nation which hosts them.

My regards and sympathy as always.

Hope you go to the police.


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It happened a long time ago.
I went to the police recently to report my brothet assaulting me.
They shouted abuse into my face.theres no way I would ever go to them again
Im finding these things hard to get over
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