In my shyness.

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    In my shyness . . .
    At times I retreat to my "shell,"
    Clinging to the security of being alone.

    In my shyness . . .
    I may attempt to merge with my surroundings--
    To be ignored, unnoticed, a silent voice rarely heard.

    In my shyness . . .
    I can feel completely alone,
    Although surrounded by people.

    In my shyness . . .
    I'm perceived as having a padlocked soul,
    And few try to gain entry into my realm.

    In my shyness . . .
    Few will dare venture to really know me,
    To hear my quiet voice or to really try to understand.

    In my shyness . . .
    I can have a myriad of words to say,
    Yet, my sealed lips will not release them.

    In my shyness . . .
    The words I do speak will at times be jumbled,
    And I'll feel worse for having spoken them.

    In my shyness . . .
    I will be viewed as "stuck up" and unfriendly,
    Labeled by the presumption of a troubled past.

    Yet, despite my shyness . . .
    I will at times emerge from my "shell,"
    And you may catch a glimpse of who I am.

    And despite my shyness . . .
    I may put on a good "front,"
    Disguising my innermost insecurities.

    Despite my shyness . . .
    A select few will manage to penetrate these "walls,"
    With the sharing of time and the evolving of trust.

    My shyness . . .
    Frequently unrecognized, seldom understood--
    A shackle, a veil, a haven.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.