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    Well, to start off although I never really posted much this forum has really helped me get through some seriously dark times in my life. Thank you for that.

    But uhh I'm in need of some advice. Well, 3 years ago I was in the midst of the darkest period of my life. I was seriously depressed, lonely and suicide was constantly on my mind. Then that school year I met this girl. I can't describe the feelings I felt for her, it was simply amazing. It was love (well atleast at the time I thought it was) Honestly, if she wouldve never entered my life when she did I don't think I'd be here right now. We never dated we were always just friends.

    Anyways the depression came back. The insecurities that were abundant in the rest of my life started to seep into my relationship this girl. It became extremely hard for me to talk to her I guess out of the fear that I wasnt good enough for her. So time passes, the relationship we had falls apart, yet the really strong feelings remain. Its hard to describe the feelings I had for her, in a sense it was the most beautiful feeling yet at the same time it tormented me constantly. But it gave me a little shred of hope in my life.

    Now, I realize it wasnt love I felt for her, it was obsession. Depression and suicide is in my past now, I'm in shape, having fulfilling relationships with people again, sober:rolleyes: and generally happy. And this girl is leaving (like tomorrow) for a really far away place and then college and itll be a really ,really long time before I see her again. I've basically cut off all contact from her and the rest of my highschool friends because they're not good for me. She's been asking me to hang out with her before she leaves but I think its best if we don't see each other again, for me atleast.

    Am I doing the right thing? (sorry for the long ass post)
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    Hi Titus, difficult to know what to say here. It seems like you have managed to move on in your life so in one way hanging out with her could be a bad move because it is a step backwards. On the other hand it is always a shame to lose a friend. I've had a similar relationship where there is that mixture of joy and torment so I can understand your dilema. Seeing as she is going away anyway I would say leave it but only you can decide that. Only you can know how you really feel about her. Best wishes.