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    I need some relationship advice. My friend and I have known eachother for a while now and weve become best friends. Today, we were walkinfg to our bus together and my brother came up behind us and put a hand on my should and myy friends shoulder. He said something like loh now" (i didnt hear what he said exactly) and then started holding my hand for a while. He did it again later on the bus. What does that mean?
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    Maybe your brother is trying to show that he misses you... My brother used to do that when he would get upset or if I wouldn't see him for a while. He'd hold my hand and talk to me for a long time about things... I don't know... maybe you can talk to him about it?
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    My brother wasnt holding my hand, my best friend was and then later he did it again.
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    ImAllAlone, you say you have become best friends, so perhaps you can ask him directly what he meant by it. Being upfront/honest and being prepared for an honest answer from my friend would be my approach. Just my 2 cents. :smile:
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    Well, Acy, i might tomorrow. I know tgat he still likes a previous girlfriend and I want to talk to him about and he already knows that I like him but hasnt brought it up to me directly nor has he acted on it so im not sure I think he likes me he shows all the clasic signs