in need of cure A.S.A.P.

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This is my first time doing anything like this, I've seen counselors, psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists. I have tried talking to family, friends and anything under the moon. It is not because I'm stubborn or don't take their advice, frankly i just believe it's that bad. I figured this is worth a try, hoping you all understand me.

I was ready to tell my life story however I know you all have one too, and we're all here for similiar reasons. I've always had depression, however lately it's been really bad. I wake up everyone hoping the world will end, do you ever feel like your running and running and not going, failing before you've started, but with nothing to fail? I'm not ready for what life is gunna throw at me because I haven't let whats in the past phase me because there hasnt been time. I have recently been prescribed 30 mg escitalopram (cipralex) a day, however it hasn't helped anything and I only get the urge for more, I need a new drug.

Basically I just want suggestions on what to ask my current psychiatrist to prescribe me. PLEASE HELP, i can't go on much longer how I have lived.
Hi UnfilledVoid,

I think what needs to happen is that you need to know what illness/disorder you are suffering from.

Sounds like depression but what does your doctor say?

If it is depression, then you and your doctor need to pick a medication that will work for you.

You say you take 30mg escitalopram everyday. This drug is used to treat major depression.

How long have you been taking Escitalopram? With antidepressants, they may not work right away so you need to give them 4-6 weeks (or so) to take effect.

So, does it work? It sounds like it isn't. What you should do is tell your doctor that you are still depressed and that the medication you are currently taking isn't working well.

A good doctor should work with you over time to find an antidepressant that works for you.

Don't give up. Change doctors if you have to. Again, a good doctor will listen to you.

There are some very knowledgable people in this forum. So you have come to a good place for good advice.

sometimes when depression medication doesn't work it's because you are actually bipolar. the symptoms can be the same, esp. on the depression side of things. have they eliminated this?
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