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In need of help and advice please!

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im just wondering if there is anyone here who has any idea of what might be wrong with me ? I know most people dont want a "label" but i really do want to know because maybe if i have a "label" then i can find a treatment that will work.
Ive been treated for depression for 13 years now and ive tried quite a few different antidepressants of different types and they have all worked for a few months and then i get a really bad bout of depression only made better by moving to a diff med. My doctor has never offered to refer me for any other treatment or to a psychiatrist and when i see him he just looks at me as if im making it all up when i tell him about my sleeping he always says that the sleeping is the last thing to go in depression. I go from not being able to sleep to being exhausted even after a full nights sleep. i have panic attacks reoccuring nightmares and i really hate going out. I like to have things tidy because if i dont it really really bothers me to the point where i could cry. I cant handle any kind of stress at all and at my low points ive seriously contemplated suicide but i could never do it because i couldnt leave my children. I dont think i have bipolar because i dont have any manic episodes i just go from anxious and agitated to deeply depressed. I really need some advice because at the moment im doing the bare minimum just to get by each day and i still cant keep up. If it wasnt for my husband i would be in an even bigger mess. I dont really wanna go in to major detail about the past but if it helps any i grew up in foster care with not very nice people. Am currently on 210mg of imipramine and beta blockers for the panic attacks. I take my tablets regularly and dont miss any doses
Thanks for reading any advice would be appreciated.


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Well.. if your having nightmares, it could be from a trauma if you have had any.. Or could simply be your depression... If you have had any trauma it may be PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).. And also I was told u don't have to have mania to be bi-polar. But I'm not too sure. They once said I was bi-polar, but I also have never had manic episodes. If the cleanliness is affecting your daily living you could also look into OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

That's about all I can suggest I guess. Hope you get the help you need. :hug:


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Try to get an opinion from another doctor or go to see a psychiatrist yourself if you think it could help.
If your doctor says you don't need it then you can still make an appointment with one i think.

Don't have any experience with the medical stuff, so I'm just giving my thoughts.
I hope you'll find a way to feel better.

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Ask you doctor for a referal to a pdoc tell him or her you are tired of this and you want a professional opinion so you can get on the right meds once and for all If he will not refer you to a pdoc go into emergency at your hospital and ask to be seen by one okay tell them how desperate you are for help. the oncall pdoc there will assess you and set you up with a pdoc if you ask hugs
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