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In need of help

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I've never posted here or indeed to any forum hut I feel pretty desperate now. I have taken mixture of pills an alcohol but they don't seem to ne making ke feel any better. I don't know what to do anymore. I need some help.
You need to seek medical attention immediately - pills might not end things and in fact are just as likely to leave you with permanent damage if not sorted out.

It's not an effective way to end the pain - there are other ways which I'd advise to look at when your health - physically - is in the clear in terms of the pills and booze combo.
I am just tired of feeling that every day is a struggle. People always tell me that tomorrow is another day, but each day is worse than the last. I just want it to stop.

The pills don't seem to be working anyway. I took some last night and I just wanted to get that floaty, don't-care feeling back.
I told my husband but he just gets upset and, selfishly, I don't want to deal with that. I had a counsellor, which was fine whole I was there. but it doesn't help now. I told my friends that I get depressed but they don't know how bad it is. I am worried that if I do tell onanyone they won't ever look at me the same way. I don't know what to do.


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I guarantee you that pills and alcohol are not a great idea. We think they'll make us sleepy, but we're not chemists or pharmacists, and sometimes the combinations do the opposite. And they can be dangerous, leaving behind damage we don't expect or even know could happen.

I'm sorry your husband isn't being very supportive. Would it help you talk a bit about the things that are making you so upset in life? Sometimes just letting things out can be a huge relief. I'll be online for a while longer, so share here or drop me a PM if you wish. :hug:
It's not so much that he isn't supportive, it's that I don't have the strength to look after him too right now.I have talked to him about this situation but he can't do anything to help.

Basically, I think Iam going to be fired on monday. The very best situation is that he will yell and call me incompetant.
Everyone at work keeps telling me how bad it will be.


Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense
LadyBrett, sounds like there are a few things happening in your life atm.

You mention that you think you might be fired from work on Monday. What makes you think that might happen? If it did happen, what would be the worst thing about it for YOU? Loss of income, hurt sense of pride, anger from husband?

People at work are saying that your husband will be mad at you? Do they know him and have reasons to think he'll be mad?

If he is the sort to get angry, what does he do when he gets angry - yell, yell and throw things, yell and hit people (you)?

If you are afraid for your safety if you lose your job, maybe make plans to stay with a friend should your husband lashes out at you. Really, our partners ought to be supportive and caring in times of trouble, not adding to the strife, hun.

But for now, it is only Saturday (where I am, anyhow), and you won't know until Monday what is happening with your work. Put it in the back of your mind because no matter how much you worry about it, the worrying won't change anything. And keep posting on here. If you are in any danger from yourself (or your husband's anger), don't hesitate to call the authorities. It is the safest thing to do, sweetie.

I hope things work out at your job and that your husband is more understanding when you need him to be. Keep us posted on what happens. So many people here understand what you're going through. :hug:
I made a mistake at work which is going to cost a lot of money.

My boss has a nasty temper and will be very angry.That's actually who the 'he' I mentioned is-sorry for the confusion.

The worst thing about losing my job would humiliation and the knowledge that I am a failure.My job is the most important thing to me so if I lose that,I will have nothing. I'd feel so embarrassed to explain it to everyone. How would ai get another job.There's not much out there and who would employ someone who jade a huge, and very costly mistake?


Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense
OK. I'm actually very glad it's not your husband. Reduces the number of things you're facing. :)

I've heard of people losing thousands of dollars of company money and not being fired. So, maybe your boss will just get angry. We can hope that's all he does. :hug:

Even if you are let go for this mistake, we all make mistakes, LadyBrett. It doesn't mean you're a failure at all. It means you're human. And sometimes, the mistake is not completely our own...We didn't have all the information; we had the wrong information; we were pressed to make a quick decision; we have too much work on our plate; we have family issues weighing on us; we don't feel well...And while those might not always count with employers, they do count for human beings. No one tries to make a mistake; they just happen. So forgive yourself. You are NOT a failure.

And you're also more than your job. So remember all the other things in your life that you do and do well. Sounds like you are a caring wife as well as "an employee", so keep that in mind. Define yourself by the other achievements in your life, not by this one slip up.

And let us know what happens. We're here and will support you. Thinking of you. :hug:
Thank you.I know work will be bad tomorrow,it's just a question of how bad.I hope the sleeping pills (prescribed dose of) kick in soon as I really need a break from being in my own head.
I just wanted to say that I am still around.Work was okay-things are still pretty bad but at least I managed to actually go in. I don't know how everything will play out but I did wantto thank you all for listening.Being able to explain my feelings without guilt or feeling like I would be forever judged was very helpful.xxxx
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