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in need

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I'm new here.That's obvious. At this very moment, im crying. in need of some help, i can barely type, im in so much emotional pain.

but before i stop typing, my name is katie, im 17....I don't think I suffer from depression, I haven't seen a doctor for it, I'm just lonely inside, and outside. I have no one. No friends, and, not much family who talks to me anymore. Just my mom. and she pushes me everyday to become more sad and more sad. but that's a whole other story.

I don't know if this is even the right place to type all this......

anyways......hi everyone.


Welcome to SF, Katie. Perhaps you should see a doctor, at least before the lonliness turns into depression, then something worse. It's good to try to resolve these issues before they worsen. Anyways, take care.
:welcome: to SF Katie. I know you will find lots of people to talk with here. Maybe it will help a little bit with your lonliness. I hope you start feeling better soon. Take care. :hug: PM me if you would like to talk. I will get back with you as soon as I can.


Welcome to the site. :smile: By the way, you're not alone here. I hope that's some consolation. Take care. :cool:


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welcome to SF katie . feel welcome here. if u want to talk u can always talk to me or anyother pppl here do u have a phone? mayne i could ring u up and we could chat and yeah. ima girl dont panic. we are ur friends here dont feel left out.


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Welcome to the site Katie.:smile: I'm sure you'll make some good friends here, as I have, and have lots of people to talk to and listen to you. If you are feeling so badly you may benefit from professional help. Please consider it. I see a counselor/shrink and am taking meds, and the combination is very helpful to me. It's worth a try.:smile:

love and hugs,:hug: :flowers:

Hello hun, welcome. If you ever need to talk, don't hesitate to contact me. Take care and I'm looking forward to seeing yuou arounfd and getting to know you. :hug:
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