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    im so sick of feeling everrything under the sun except feeling ok or happy. i dont even kno what those words mean. i hate hiding everything i feel, hate that people will not give me a chance to get better on my own, i kno it has been a long time but i have so much shit to work thru that i cant just talk it out once and say "ok im good now" IT DOESNT FUCKING WORK THAT WAY! no none understands that. i look at my grandparents and i see 2 people happy with their lives, i look at my "friends" and see them happy and going with the flow of life. I see me and see NOTHING, just empty nothing. people ask me all the time how have u been? and i say the easy fine or good but its anything but fine. i dont like to talk about it but i fucking hurt, i wont let it out, have been hurt so many times that hurting inside is better than being hurt by someone else. all i want to do is curl up in a corner and cry my heart out but i cant do that....everytime the tears begin to flow i just forve them back down. i kno someday im gonna blow up and lose it on the wrong person but theres nothing i can do about it. i get so angry that everything has turned out wrong, mom would hate me if she were here now...if she knew what i was now. i dunno why i keep trying to live...
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    Gotta love bottling things in.... Not. I know its incredibly hard to talk, but you need to find one person that you can let them in. Hell, Maybe even writing all the stuff you feel/hate down, that couldn't hurt, right?

    I actually just got done crying. Not in a corner though, in the shower. Your grandparents didn't have perfect lives. No one does.

    I know you probably wont, but I'm here to talk. That's why I joined. To help and be helped. I hope we can change you (and me) from :( to :cool: (<-- That's us being total Gangstas.). Cause you are awesome, I just don't think you know it yet.

    And, your mother would NOT hate you... And cry. Don't hold it back.
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    your mother would never hate you she would hug you and hold you until the pain went away she would love you always
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    I agree with violet..Your Mum would only love you and understand the pain you are in....:hug::flowers: