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    I need to know what the differences are between in and out patient care.

    I am considering having my mother check me into a hospitol because I am severely depressed, often suicidel and have a problem with Asphyxia(self harm). I see petachial hemorrhaging on my face and neck and know its bad. I am trying to research this and decide what to do. what to try.

    I am terrified, absolutley terrified--so please be honest.
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    The major difference between in-patient & out-patient is that with in-patient you are constantly bein watched..... where I live in-patient often comes with a lack of freedom as well.

    Also you may be locked in with others who have problems that range from similar to completely different than yours. I think you'd have to be prepared for that most?
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    With in-patient care you are monitored more closely but depending on your state and whether you entered of your own free will you may be granted more freedom. They can help fast-track you onto medications to help you feel better faster which is unsafe to do when you're at home. You may be with people that are in a much more extreme mental state than you but you may also meet people you can identify with and help each other get through the experience. It's very difficult to get yourself to do and to get through (took me 4 tries before i stayed more than a night) but it can be very helpful in getting you on the track to being healthy.