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In pure desperation...

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I'm writing this in pure desperation, I am feeling very very very bad now. Everything is falling apart, I haven't cut for 3 days now... I haven't thought about it... but I feel like I have to now. The girl I love, the girl I live for is really really down and she is saying she wants away. I try to help her I don't know what to do ! If she dies I will be all alone, I can't take that ! I love her I would to anything for her ! I just want to make it all better.....

I'm crying as I write this, pathetic I know, but I can't help it...death is very tempting now... I can't stand watching her cry... I pretend to be fine but I am crying on the inside... I feel like I might do something soon... something horrible...

I am sorry for this post... :'(

help me...save her...
Ok i want to support you and i will try my best now to help you, dont be angry with me if i write something that you dont like.

You seem like a very strong person, being able not to cut for three days, and i speak out of own experience that it is hard to hold it back for that long.

You said your girlfriend wants away, well its really hard to decide what to do, since you love her, just try to be strong, stronger then strong, tell her everyday that you love her, this might sound stupid but see that you can find help for her. You might think nobody can help you, since this sounds like she is in danger you should help her with other people. Try do even get help for you and her at the same time.
The biggest thing is DONT GIVE UP.
Hope this helps just to support you a little emotional.


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I really don't know how to help, but for what it's worth I hope you make it through this. Don't be too hard on yourself for crying and having emotions; I spent a lot of time beating myself up for it and I still find it difficult to deal with. For me that's part of why I ended up so depressed, repressing everything. I've known very strong people who cry often, and I wish I could be more open like them. Society tends to tell us that emotions (except anger) are wrong, but that's just inhuman and messed up. Emotions are normal and healthy, and anyone who tells you otherwise has trouble dealing with their own, no doubt.
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