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In so much (tooth) pain

I've had the night from hell. I've been trying to get an appointment to be seen by an emergency dentist since 1.30am last night. First it took them about 6 hours for a dental nurse to give me a call back. Then I missed the call because I had desperately called nhs 111 again to beg them for help, and of course THAT'S the moment they call. I finally managed to get to speak to someone and have now been told that I need to wait for another call to discuss the next stage of my dental care.

All the time, I haven't slept and I'm in extreme pain that isn't responding to pain killers in the slightest. I wish the pain would just make me pass out for some relief but then I'd miss this call back whenever it happens.

I asked how long a wait it might be but the person I spoke to could only say that they are very busy, and that someone would call as soon as they could. That's what I got told about 9 hours ago.

I'm in so much *mumble mumble* pain. I can't stand it. I'm going out of my mind here. I know they'll probably pull the tooth as they're not doing many, if any, procedures that generate aerosols right now on the nhs but I'm so desperate that I'll probably agree to it if the pain stops. Just so absolutely and utterly miserable.


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Hi hun, I don't know if you live near a pharmacy that is open on a Sunday but if you do get clove oil and Anbesol, both will numb and free you of some of the pain.

I am sorry you are still in so much pain since talking to you last night but I really hope they can sort you out very soon, are there any other out of hours dentists you could try?

Anything to do with teeth is painful, I feel for you, I know you're in awful pain, wish I could give you a real hug *hug


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Sorry to hear this. Tooth ache is one of the worst physical pains there is and I know how difficult it is to get anything done at all on the NHS at the moment due to the virus. Clove oil will help. Also there is a pressure point on the cheek bone which is linked to your teeth. If you gently massage along the bottom of the cheek bone it may help. The pain will pass. Best wishes and I hope you can get help soon.
Hi champagne, thank you for the reply. Unfortunately access to out of hours dentists on the nhs is all centralised. If it was during the week (daytime), I could call my dentist directly and get an emergency appointment but it's different because it's the weekend. I'm really really hoping I can get seen soon. I haven't been in a shop in 7 months so I'd really like to avoid the chemist if at all possible. I'm so worried about even going to see the dentist, but I know I need to. The whole pandemic thing has me very afraid but that's a whole different kettle of fish. I keep trying to will my phone to ring but it's not working :(
Also there is a pressure point on the cheek bone which If you gently massage along the bottom of the cheek bone it may help. The pain will pass. Best wishes and I hope you can get help soon.
Thanks snowraven. I'll try this. Hopefully it won't make it worse, as the pain is in my jaw now. I really appreciate the tips.


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That really sucks, just know I'm thinking of you ok? And praying for that call to come through, I understand your fears. The pain must be a nightmare by now, let's hope for the best outcome possible and you receive that call swiftly *hug
Today, or I guess yesterday since it's after midnight, was awful. Finally got to speak to an actual dentist over the phone by about 2pm or so. By that time I was dizzy, shaking, felt like passing out. They said go to a&e. My mum tried to get them to give me a dental appointment but they said no, go to a&e.

Got to a&e, and they are screening everyone at the door. I said the out of hours dentist told me I had to go there. The nurse kept saying but why are you here? We have no dentists. I explained that I'd been told to come because I was feeling very unwell. I was begrudgingly told that they'll probably not be able to do anything for me but permitted me to go into the waiting area.

I waited 2 or 3 hours. All the time this guy kept taking his mask off while talking with his friend. The nurses kept telling him to put it back on but a second later it was off again. This is the 2nd time in 7 months that I've been outside at all. I was so scared. After 2 or 3 hours the fear was too much. I couldn't take it anymore so I got up and left.

I managed to get maybe an hour sleep. The pain is still here. I feel awful. It feels like a bad dream that I can't wake up from. Not just the tooth. Everything. I'm so messed up.


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That sounds bad, I have had tooth pain from an infected root canal and it can be extreme. I would have thought perhaps they could have written you a prescription or advice on OTC drugs that you can take in very large doses short term until getting in to see the dentist.

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