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In the game of Chess

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There is a saying in the game of Chess - Winning is a blessing of fortune and luck - Losing is almost certainty. Perfection is only at the beginning of the match when no piece has moved yet. The same thing can be said about life. Once you have made a decision, it dictate the life you lead. Mistakes are inevitable. But if you should succeed, count your blessings.

t. w/o r.

The ants have been getting to your hummingbird feeders. You're hanging feeders from the portales throughout your property, mostly to distract the hummers from the bougainvillea and trumpet vines that festoon the pool and cabana area. Else the birds dart about like enraged mutant mosquitos, dive bombing anyone in the vicinity. One of these days they’ll take somebody’s eye out.

So you hang hummingbird feeders some distance away as an alternative. Lately, though, no sooner do you get the feeders refilled and hung than the ants form a line up the post, across the beam, and down the hook to the feeder. In less than an hour the feeders are swarming with ants. Inside the reservoir a black, writhing mat floats an inch thick on the surface of the syrup.
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