In The Garden Of Mine

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  1. In The Garden Of Mine

    By Elijah La Faye

    * * *

    The tree of ivory that once sparkled

    Hung with boughs of gems , that danced in the golden sun ,

    Laughed in the azure breeze

    * * *

    Now hangs dead , leaves like a withered veil spread out in mourning

    Laughter of stone , in deep winter freeze

    * * *

    The alabaster path here lies overgrown ,

    And the jeweled wishing well , that was filled with clear waters

    Sits dull and murky , dreams turned to brine . . .

    * * *

    This, this is the garden that is mine

    Where once passionflowers grew , and songbirds came to serenade the soul

    Where innocence was fond of all that bloomed anew , and fantasies flourished in

    high summer

    * * *

    Yet as the thief in the Sower ' s Parable , a season came and stole

    Too early , what was beautiful and frail

    As Eve learned so bitterly , so too did I perceive

    And now my garden sits , cold and dark and stale ,

    A weed in every crevice , a crow on every eave

    * * *

    Is this what God intended ? I have wondered, when winds carry the fragrances in

    from gardens nearby

    Gardens lush and green , perfumed with lilacs and roses and honeydew

    Gardens who had a chance to grow , and grew

    * * *

    While I rise each day to the stench of stagnant water , the sting of hateful thorns

    In this garden crying for rains of life , crying in agony

    As a minnow in a tidal pool , crying for the shore

    As Lazarus , for godly tears , behind the cryptic door

    * * *
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Thread Status:
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