In the grand scheme of things...

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    fuck it, I need to let it out, i dont care if this is my second thread tonight.

    In the grand scheme of things, humans as a species would do well if were to not reproduce. It would take my depressive gene, as it is a mental disorder, out of the gene pool for the species, making it more "pure" (not to sound like hitler, but its true). I mean, as a species we are a wreck. With so many mental disorders and diseases, wouldnt it just be better in the long run if I was to simply take my gene out of the picture? Im sure that there is some aspect of depression that is hereditary. I mean, I dont matter to anyone, my own father has no respect for my depressive ass, I have no love life, three friends (and thats pushing it, maybe two), it would make sense to simply avoid adding my terrible genetics to the human race's gene pool.
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    Well you never know you could have some amazing recessive genes or the person you impregrate could have some awesome genes. But I do pretty much agree with you, I would hate for someone else to have to be like me.
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    Yeah, I would feel responsible if my children ended up like me, I'm not sure if i would be able to live with that hanging over my head.
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    Such responsibility for one neglected birth defected. Your parents, my parents, all parents brought us into this world drunk behind the wheel. They cannot ensure our content, social order keeps wombs on rent. Why have children when in life they may suffer. Will suffer. Life is black with tenuous colour smeared across its passing without God to pray for. I am God. You are God. Birth defected life perfected. Your apotheosis. Be aware.
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    This argument has been made a lot. Eugenics is certanily nothing new- from a purely practical standpoint, it seems to make sense. Morally, however, many find it objectionable, and for good reason. I struggle with this same issue though. It's highly unlikely that I'll ever have biological children. I think that's a perfectly fine personal choice, especially if you think you won't be able to provide for them as optimally as you would like to because of your depression. It's true that there's a hereditary component to depression, but having a biological predisposition doesn't necessarily mean you will have it; it needs to be triggered by a life event. Adequate care, fostering of strong coping mechanisms, and having a solid support network are all great protective factors that can prevent someone with a biological predisposition from coming down with the illness even in the event of a triggering event. Of course, these things aren't always attainable. It's complicated. I definitely know where you're coming from though.