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In the hosptial again

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Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi, I am currently in the hospital, been
here since the end of sept. when I overedozed again, spent a few more
days in the ICU. Came through it, and then I was transferred to this
hospital. This hospital has a computor we can use.
I hope everyone is doing well.


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Hi sweetheart,
since the end of september? my god, i hope you are holding up well hun.
im so glad you came through it, keep thinking positively x


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Hi hopeless13. I've been an inpatient for 6 months after a psychotic depression and a suicide attempt. For me it was a living hell, but some people don't seem to mind.

Are you in a standard hospital or a psychiatric hospital? I was send to a psy. department of a hospital, and didn't let me go anywhere.

How are you holding up? Feeling you are recovering a bit? Take care.
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