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In the Middle

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by PandorasToybox, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. PandorasToybox

    PandorasToybox Well-Known Member

    I have a problem as much as I HATE admitting it. I will binge on large amounts of food for like a few days & then I wont eat for days up to a week. As well I used to OD on pills so I would a) be so sick I wouldnt eat & b) it would cause me to vomit & have a err...laxative effect.

    I have since gotten over this, now I exercise & maintain weight through proper diet (& exercise). I still have the occassional relapse & keep an eye on my weight but I'm getting a lot better :smile:

    I will admit I'm weight obsessed to the max.

    I one had a nasty counselor ask me if I was prejudice against overweight people ... she apparently asks all the skinny people that go through her office this question, & my answer is NO. I only notice my weight & never pay attention to others.
  2. blue shoes

    blue shoes Well-Known Member

    Same here. People think you are shallow because you obsess so much about your weight and looks in general, but it doesn't necessarily mean that. In my case for example, I am shallow only when it comes to myself. When it comes to other people, I am probably one of the least judgmental people on the planet.
  3. Rose24

    Rose24 Chat & Forum Buddy

    I'm the same too, I think I'm huge but when I look at other people, even those who are larger than me, I think "oh my! she is so perfect". I feel like everyone looks better than I do.

    she sounds like the one who is prejudiced to me...
  4. PandorasToybox

    PandorasToybox Well-Known Member

    I think that is the biggest misconception about eat disorders, is that people think we are worried about everyones weight when infact we are zoomed in on only are own.

    The funniest part is that counselor caused me sooooo many more problems, mentally & physically, & about a month after she messed me up she was suddenly gone. I was told by a friend who worked in that division that she was "released from duties" due to mental health conditions. That's when they should have checked up on all the students she was handling to make sure everybody was ok, because I knew myself & a few others had been hugely, negatively impacted by her.

    She didn't allow us to see any other counselor BUT her.
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