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    i've been feeling out of control about my boyfriend's friend keeps flirting with him and trying to get his attention. she might even be lying to him about me just to break us up. the thing is he tells her everything about our problems. i've told him that she's trying to break our relationship but he doesn't believe me. he says she's just a friend and it's my imagination but i know better. i've never liked her from day one. when i first met her...she had an attitude with me. i could tell it was because my boyfriend and i were together.

    this is all driving me crazy and i'm not sure what to do about it. i've tried talking to my boyfriend but he's oblivious. i know he's not interested in her and sees her only as a friend. i can believe that but she's becoming a pain in the ass and i want her to completely disappear or else i'm afraid i'm going to do something drastic...

    what should i do?
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    When you say he's oblivious, do you mean that he is unaware of her flirting? Instead of saying you don't want him to divulge the problems between you two because she wants to cause conflict, tell him it's a matter of privacy and respect for your relationship.

    Ultimately though, no one can control who another person is friends with. You can minimize the time you are around her, that's probably the only way to go about it.