In Time

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    “In Time”

    Like an unfeeling winter breeze
    It comes for you
    A mental snowball rolling into oblivion

    In Time all will know
    Torture of the greatest sort
    Emotions imploding
    Desire exploding
    As if the world had it’s lights turned off

    There’s a widespread illusion of immunity
    But that dark fallow feels fecundity
    If there ever was a silent plague
    This spreading, barbed stain
    Would qualify

    It’s like waiting for an oncoming, silent train
    Ending true perception with one last sight
    ...Gazing into the eyes of terror​
  2. Liking your work very much. I need to look up one word to understand better though. I feel I'm inferior to you when it comes to an impressive vocabulary.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.