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  1. Anam_Cara

    Anam_Cara Well-Known Member

    I really dont know what to do anymore...

    Im very sick at the present time, suffering from ovarian cysts and endometreosis, amongst other health problems.. sleep apnea which makes me so tired i cant even stay awake during the day no matter how much sleep i get, edema in my feet so bad i cant get shoes on, the latter being the result of "possible" heart failure.. i have no insurance and no health care cant get further testing on my heart or surgery for the female issues, having to rely on the emergency room and have already been seen 4 times in two weeks.. there is only so much the er can do, give me iv meds, a few pain pills and tell me to see a specialist which is impossible...

    im having a hard enough time coping with all of these health issues, and now my family is stooping to pettiness... they've helped me with transportation and buying prescriptions but whatever they spend financially is taken out of me with criticism, cruel comments and belittling..

    today the issue is the juice they bought for ONLY me at the store, which the doctor requested i be on for a horrible bladder infection.. my little sister tried to drink the last glass of juice i simply asked her to drink her unopened bottle of another kind of juice she SWORE she had to have.. she never touched it, instead whined and cried, tattled on me how evil and nasty i am that i wont share my juice and in turn got me screamed at and called selfish... little sister went to the other two female relatives screaming and wailing i was denying her the juice.. so i asked why she couldnt have the juice she wanted rather than the juice that was bought just for me, while im sick..

    im not being unreasonabe.. i do share at any other time but this cranberry juice and V8 is all i can keep down right now and im called selfish for wanting to keep it for myself.. there is plenty OTHER juice... my little sister always has to have what i do even if she doesnt like it or really want it, then throws a tantrum if i wont give her what i have.. im getting extremely frustrated..

    im freezing today, from the infection, body is aching and cold.. and my elder female relative insists on turning off the heater, opening the windows and front door, cooling it off to 52 degrees inside.. just because she and my little sister are "warm enough" she doesnt give a s**t that im freezing.. tells me to go out and "walk" in the sunshine to warm up.. tells me ill feel better if i go walk outside.. calls me crazy, tells me ill die if i dont get up and move, ridicules me for being in bed instead of up being active,

    take into consideration my doctor was having to iv me morphine and sent me home on 3 pain medications thats how severe the pain is.. and i cant get my feet in my shoes because of the swelling in them, something i was told to put my feet up and lay down as a means of relieving... why am i expected to go "exercise and hike around in the sun" when ive been sick for 2 weeks, in and out of the hospital and am in this kind of pain? :mad: i do NOT understand my family at ALL, i honestly wish that i would fall asleep and NEVER wake up... i hope at this point i am having heart failure maybe its a blessing i cant get to a specialist for any of this.. hope my heart just stops..
  2. mdmefontaine

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    oh...i feel so bad for you hun : ( you are in a horrible state. . . do you have any emotional support other than these relatives who don't seem to understand at all?

    glad you reached out here - we do understand.
    hmm. do you have a doctor you trust? if you could explain the situation he/she might have some suggestions, or alternatives. . just thinking here.

    you don't need to be hiking, if you have edema. and maybe in would be good. . .but i assume you are following doctors orders for that. . . .

    wish i could help - all i can do though is listen, and be sure that i feel for you in my heart, and care what happens to you. pm me anytime or anyone else here , ,, we all want to help you hun xxxxx big hug xxxxx
  3. LastCrusade

    LastCrusade Well-Known Member

    obstructive sleep apnea is common among overweight people. you feel lethargic all the time. it happens when ur tongue rolls back and blocks ur trachea and oxygen level in the brain drops and ur brain wakes up (although you are unconscious of it) hundreds of times every night. Over a period of time, you would feel that life is not worth living like this BUT OSA can be treated by : 1) a portable respiratory machine which forces air into your throat when you sleep while wearing a mask, or a cheaper alternative is to try to sleep on your side or face down. A fresh night's sleep is very important for the mind to function well. you ought to consider these two options. The swelling on your leg is probably a result of water retention or a buildup of uric acid (gout) or even maybe some infections. Try some natural diuretics to reduce the swelling to feel more comfortable. You need to take the first step to solve these problems 1st so that you can feel better to face life, else life would be a great torture.

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