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Inate resilience

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We all have an inate ability deep down to prevent other people’s opinion of us to bounce off. We all have the ability to stop how other people’s opinion of us effects our core. No one people or thing should penetrate our worth or value in life. We all have a right to be here and we all have a choice not to allow other people opinion of us effect our state of mind. Each and every one of us have a right to breathe and have an opinion and feel the way we feel. Please don’t allow anyone or anything effect your state of mind. However has hurt us or cause us pain in our lives do not deserve the right to effect our well-being . We broken or not deserve an chance a chance to carve out our own life our own chance to be live and enjoy every breath we take. A message to those who have caused us pain and made us feel unworthy and ashamed. I say loud and proud you have no fucking right to control my life or my feelings . I am not going to allow you to control my well being or my ability to survive . I will create my own path in life and learn from the pain you have given me . I will learn it’s not ok to have that kind of control over me anymore. And I am certainly not going to allow myself to want to check out of life babies of your wrong doings. I’m going to own my pain and my hurt and I’m doing to live a life where you do not control my well-being . I going to take the power out of it and be strong and say fuck you fuck your messed up head for thinking it was ok to treat me that way. No thank you . I’m hate your but I will not allow you to make me feel so shit I wanna die. Fuck you !!!!!!
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