Incapacity Benefit & Depression

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by chemicalromance, May 9, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

    Has anyone (in the UK) applied for Incapacity Benefit because of their depression or other emotional issues? Where do you start? What is the process and how much do they need to know? Is it difficult?

    Thanks in advance for any info :smile:
  2. Hazel

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    Hi, I think you can get them at your Gp's surgery, if they don't have them, then you will definitely get them in your local benefits office.
    If you have a problem filling it in, your local Citizens Advise officer will go through it with you.
    Hope this is some help, if you are unable to work due to your depression then you are entitled to Incapacity Benefit.

    Hazel x
  3. bunny

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    there's a helpline for new benifits claims which is 0845 602 1036

    and a benifits advice line for people with disabilities which is 0800 00 22 00 (they can help you filling things out or pass you to those who can)

    also it might be worth checking out to see what kind of things you're elegible for

    im on benifits my self for depression, my nurse helped me with the forms but if you need to ask anything ill try to reply as best i can :smile:
  4. smackh2o

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    For starters this is the government were talking about so prepare to laugh. If you're not employed then you are entitled to IB only it's not called IB, it's called Income Support. To make a claim you need to contact your local Income Support office and ask if you can make a claim becuase you are unable to get a job due to health reasons. They will ask you a big bunch of questions about income and stuff (some are quite silly) to assess what income status you have. Whe you've completed the form the person who took your call should send it off to your house for your assesment and correction as well as any pariphanalia they might require (bank statements etc.. [They'll ask for them if they need them]). Once that is sorted send it back and they do their final assesment and tell you if you're entitled or not and how much you should get (typical rate £45 a week, but it depends on your circumstances).

    One last thing. Don't do what I did. If your at a student course and you've had to pospone it because you can't do it anymore for the health reason your not entitled to support because your still classes as a student (stupid aint it). It took me weeks to find this out. Either make a deal with the acedemia and arrange for you to withdraw from your course so that you can gain support up until you feel fit to go back (if you want), or look at how part time student's are entitled to benifits. Big sorry if this didn't apply to you. It's easier than it looks if they don't pull something daft out of their hat. That normally only happens to poor sods like me anyhow :)

    Good luck!
  5. Thanks everyone.

    I'm actually terrified of making the claim, I guess because if I get rejected I'm really stuck. And I probably will get rejected cos so far in my life, the universe seems to get pleasure out of seeing me struggle.

    I looked at the forms online and I definitely score enough points to qualify, but I had such a bad experience with my previous doctor (he decided to stop treating me because he couldn't be bothered with my depression) and I don't know my new doctor well enough yet to know how she will react.

    I asked Rethink about it and they said "There is a huge pressure to get people back to work before the new welfare reform laws come into being in 2008. Therefore, whereever possibly, the DWP is giving instructions to remove people from disability benefits etc. Although it is not official policy, this is the information we are receiving from clients, and even those people with severe mental illnesses who have been exempt for many years are now being asked to fill in new forms and attend medicals". I know many people who are on benefits for no reason other than laziness and it seems those who truly deserve the support are being denied. :mad:
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