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  1. Anonymous00

    Anonymous00 Well-Known Member

    There are so many things I want to say
    But each time I write, the words only rot and fade away.

    In my mind, it's a never ending maze.
    Full of sins I've judged upon myself.
    Everyday I look at life in a dark haze.

    I wonder, since when had I started to question what I felt?

    I have been lonely for too long that I started to fear
    That all the moments I felt that I was happy
    Was, all in truth, unreal
    Mere delusion I've forced upon my lonely self
    Only to comfort myself in some sort of self help.
  2. Anonymous00

    Anonymous00 Well-Known Member

    All to myself

    As someone bereft of words,
    I sing the songs of the lonely.
    Only to be left unheard
    Where my sorrows are still mine only.
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