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People and their ignorance.

People and their words.

People and their total disregard for others' feelings.

I'm sitting on my computer, saturday night, nothing to do. What's new.

And my mom calls from the living room,

'hey brett!'

(my brother, who isn't really social,but had friends, and sometimes would nag to go out an socialize a bit more.)

and I'm blanked out because I didn't realize they referring that to me. Suddenly, I turned around and they were staring at me from the living room. And my face lost all of my warmth and I swear I went pale.

and my mother goes,

"Telling him that he doesn't have a life and never hangs out with friends?"

I stared blankly at her for a moment before I recoiled back in front of the monitor and I'm crying, silently. But my nose stings when I try not to let out the tears. I'm usually the one that goes out and dose everything under the sun. And I lost it, you can find more info around the site.

Why are people so blunt and cruel?
Im sorry that they said that. People dont always think before they speak. Thats how it is in many cases. Things should get better, and I hope they do.
Yeah, I'm sorry too that they said that. I guess it's mostly because they just don't understand. People can say very hurtful things without realising when they don't understand things.
I hope you're ok hun...
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